Julia fractal generator

Julia sets provide a most striking illustration of how apparently simple process can lead to highly intricate sets.

Julia fractal generator is a Windows program, but it can be easily run on Linux with wine.



  • Drag the mouse pointer to zoom in.
  • Change the color palette with "R" (red), "G" (green) and "B" (blue) siders.
  • When an image is saved in the BMP format, an additional file (called descript.ion) is created in the same folder with parameters of all the fractals saved in the same folder, so you can recover them later. This file has a "hidden" attribute set, so it is not normally shown in the browser. The file name and format are understood by the ACDSee image viewer, so it shows the fractal parameters in the status bar.



Program options
Re(c) and Im(c) Real  and Imaginary parts of the constant
Steps Number of steps in the loop
Inf Measure of infinity
Xmin, Xmax, Ymin, Ymax Image area coordinates (min and max values)
R, G, and B Red, Green and Blue values for the colouring
Start Click it to render the image

The Options menu contains several pre-defined values of the constant to draw some commonly used fractals.



Screenshot Screenshot


This is a really simple program. In case you need something more complicated and functional, I would recommend you to try a real-time interactive fractal zoomer xaos.
I was really impressed by its power!

Make yourself a fractal :)