Benny Fish

button, ear ring, fake suede, knitted fabric, nylon net, raw wool, textile color and markers
37 cm

In the beginning of June I found a little metallic plate lying on the ground. It was written "Benny fish" on it. Most probably it was the brandname of the clothes, and somebody has lost it from his or her coat or sweater. I wondered how Benny fish may look like. That's how I created this flat one-sided needle-felted wool fish with a name Benny written in a disappearing way on it's side.
The upper part of the letter “B” is written on the thoracic fin. Also there is a decorative patch on her body. On the patch there is a hook (which is the part of the earring) one can catch this fish on.

I was really curious — what kind o goods are produced under the brand “Benny fish”.

Benny Fish online

I have found out that the clothes “Benny fish” really exists, but unfortunately I have not found any web-site of the brand-owner, manufacturer or distributor. I found only few private pages where people say that this or that garment they have is by “Benny fish”, also there are some private announcements from those who want to sell for example a jacket, a coat or jumper “Benny fish”. Also I have found a site of a Polish boutique with a non-working link to the goods by “Benny fish”.

Almost all these pages were from such countries as Slovakia, Poland, etc. So, I came to the conclusion, that “Benny fish” is a “little” trademark known mainly in these countries, and the person who has lost the metallic plate I have found on the ground most probably was a tourist from Slovakia or Poland who came to Pisa.

I want to share with you what else I have found out about Benny fish.


  • There is a web-site, which seems to be dedicated to boats or boat motors.


  • The Benny's Fish Restaurant is situated in the very center of Jerusalem. The web site says that this restaurant is the Jerusalem's oldest fish restaurant, established 33 years ago by Benny Rosenzweig, whose father and grandfather were already prominent in the fish business. Benny also owns several large fish stores in Mahane Yehuda.
  • BENNYS Fish Bar has been established since 2004 by John and Susan in Bishop Auckland, UK, though their "Fish Shop" has been number one for many years and is well known to locals and visitors alike.
  • In London there is also a little fish restaurant named Benny's.


There are lots of men whose names and surnames are Ben (or Benny) Fish. More than that there are few young people who use Benny Fish as a nickname in the web. I bet the name of almost all of them is Benny )))

P.S. - of course I used the metallic plate to decorate this creation of mine )))

Pisa, Italy
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