Black Fox

acrylic, beads, cotton, decorations, fabric colour, fake fur, fake suede, lace, linen, metal accessories, silk thread, synthetic filling, velvet, wire, wool, wool thread
52 cm

This is Black — rock'n'roll style — Fox. Why?

For example, rock 'n' roll music is considered to be of "black" origin.
This Fox is dressed in a quite eclectic way: in her clothes one can find a combination of elements of "country" and at the same time the of the 50-60s "American college" style.
She has got only one boot for the other one she has lost somewhere in the dance hall.
Her eyesight is a bit sad maybe 'cause the rock 'n 'roll times are already gone.

By the way, her collar looks very similar to the one of Elvis Presley (the King of rock'n'roll) on the playing "J"-card with his portrait.

Höör, Sweden
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