Blue Elephant

beads, cotton, dried ash-berry berry, jeans, lace, linen, wooden accessories, wool
18 cm

This is the elephant from the poem.

I'm going to make a card with the text of the poem written by16-year-old American girl Christa (if I get her agreement, of course) and my picture of the elephant as the illustration.

Here it is:

There once was an elephant,
This elephant was blue.
He was small and cute,
And he lived in my shoe.
One day the elephant,
So small, so blue,
Decided to be brave,
And leave my shoe.
But school let out,
And I went home,
I checked my shoe,
And realized it was alone.
Days passed, and eventually months,
I missed my elephant,
He never came home.
My shoe misses my elephant.
This once elephant,
Who once was blue,
He was small and cute
And he did live in my shoe.
But he ran away,
The elephant that was blue,
And i think someone stepped on him,
With their big, giant shoe.

This Elephant is so-called altered doll. I have bought a simple gray linen elephant (made by T.I.G.E.R) without any decorations in a shop.
First of all, I didn't like his ears for they were made out of very cheap fabric which according to my feeling didn't fit the elephant at all.
I decided to replace his ears and to change it completely. Then I had an idea: why not to make him the Blue Elephant from that poem? I painted the figure, decorated it, made for him the jeans child's boot with the lace and so on.

Do you like the result?

As for me, I'm completely satisfied. This Elephant is very tender and airy. Just like Elephant from the child's dream.

Höör, Skåne, Sweden
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