Blue Express

brush, paper, toothpick, wood
3 cm

The “Blue Train” (or “the Blue Coach” if translated from Russian word by word) is a kind of  “essentiality” in birthday greetings in Russia and in Soviet Union because of the famous song from the well-known Soviet cartoon. Here you can see the video with English subtitles:

My Train appeared in Italy, so it has some “Italian secrets”.


The machinist is a dalmatian dog. On the opposite side of the cabin it is written “ARRIVO” on Italian flag as a background. “Arrivo” means “I'm arriving”.

The smoke is not real, of course))) The Train stands on a rocking support which is made like a “railway” for this tain.

The signboard and the fur-tree make the station. “AMORE 14” means “LOVE 14” in Italian.
Actually it is the name of the book and the film by Federico Moccia.

I used the signboard from the book cover to make my own station for my Train.
Because of the name of the station this composition may become a lovely present for St. Valentine's Day (the Day of Love which is on February, 14).

Pisa, Italy
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