Cat Fox Sweathearts

bead, fabric, fake flower, lace, metal key, metal lock, ribbon, strass, synthetics thread, wool
18 cm
Cat and Fox are sitting on the ground under the tree

All the time each of my dolls was a single one... this time I decided to create a happy couple :-)

He-Cat is wearing a hat of wool with a vintage-style rose and a bronze key, while she-Fox has a heart-shaped reticule with a bronze lock, also Fox has got an artificial orchid as a pin for her transparent scarf. In the centre of the fake flower there is a beautiful bead (colored as a perl) with a white floral tracery on its surface.

My new dolls are needle-felted.

They could be a good present for Christmas or for St Valentine's Day also a gift like this is ideal for Wedding Day ))

Dubna, Russia
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