Crimson Red Horse

acrylic, beads, braid, buttons, cotton, fake fur, fake suede, knitted fabric, lace, nylon, plastic and metal decorations, sequins, synthetic filling, textile colors, wool
38 cm

This is a very bright hippie-style stuffed horse. Her crimson red body is made of a fluffy cotton.

She is dressed in a bright dress (acrylic) which is designed as a part of the body and cannot be put off (as well as the pants and the socks). On the back there is a bright decorative patch.

Her bright blue eyes look musingly. One can make few types of hair-style from her mane made of fake fur)))

I decided to make not exactly the hoofs, but soft “hoof-looking” hands. On each bangle there are wool bracelets decorated with beads and sequins. On her feet there are bright wool socks made from the pieces of bright knitted sweater that I bought in the street market in Pisa.

She has got a nice wool bag and a little white needle-felted horse (with a bright mane and a col) as a toy of her own. She is holding this little horse, but it is possible also to put the horse in the bag so that the legs are inside and the rest part of the body is outside.

Her figure was designed for “seating-only” position. There is no wire skeleton inside the body, so it is not possible to fix the Horse in another pose. Inside the limbs there is a wire (but it is not tough) so it is possible to change their position but without the strong fixation.

The height of the horse (in sitting position) is 38 cm; the length of her legs is 27 cm.

Roswell, GA, United States