beads, cotton, fake fur, magnifier, plastic eyes, wool
20 cm

This rare animal one has never met before (this is for sure) seems to be a detective.

He is an old-looking vintage style character dressed in a "worn out" waistcoat and a scarf, and with a decorative patch on his right side. That's why he is a real detective of the "old school" who always relies only on his keen eye and a magnifier as well as on his sharp brain.

Just now he seems to be a bit confused by some facts he has found out. He is trying to combine "uncombinable" in his head.

The doll is one-of-a-kind. All the materials are natural (fluffy cotton and wool, silk threads) and a bit distressed to achieve a "worn out" effect, so this little stuffed animal looks really cosy, though a bit "gloomy".

P.S. - he may become a good present for the person who is an investigator, detective or some kind of a forensic expert.

P.P.S. - I graduated as a lawyer and during my university years for some time I worked as an investigator's assistant.

Pisa, Italy