Ewe Hogg

acrylic fabric, acrylic lace, glass, synthetic filling, wire, wood, wool fabric
15 cm

Once upon a time I decided to put everything in order in my "treasury" (the place where I keep my doll-making staff). Almost hopeless business, by the way. I noticed that two fabrics — light grey curly acrylic and dark grey wool go very well with each other. Actually, that time I planned to make quite another toy, but I was so exited by the harmony of the combination of these two fabrics, that I started to make this Ewe immediately (even gave up to make up my "treasury").

The hoofs are made from wood. She has got a tiny glass pendant. I really like her eyes. They are shining from "inside", from the very bottom. I managed to make them by myself. Frankly speaking, I found out the way of making such kind of eyes by accident.

The Ewe is a bit fat, but very tender with sweet expression of big shining eyes with long eyelashes.

Pisa, Italy