Flat Squirrel

beads, feather, floacked fabric, lace, sequins, star-shaped, strass, textile marker, wood
25 cm

This primitive Squirrel was the first creation made in collaboration with Asiya Sukhanova. I was eager to share my skills, and she had a desire to learn how I make my dolls and miniatures.

Asiya had no experience in fine arts before. So, I decided to choose something simple, but still cute for our first project. I offered her to try the technique of a primitive doll — it is when you create a stuffed toy of two absolutely identical parts. It is not complicated, and at the same time gives you the opportunity to create something great and to express all your ideas. You just draw whatever you like, then create a pattern from your sketch, cut out 2 details from selected fabric and join them by any kind of needlework. When everything is done, you get a dowdy looking figure. All you have to do is to spread wings of your imagination and to decorate the figure with everything that goes well to it up to the moment when a real stuffed personality appears )))))

Actually, I designed a toy rather simple in order my student could easily cope with, but at the same time rather special to make the creation process exciting and surprising.

I had a good piece of synthetic pink fluffy fabric with a gray nap. We decided that it would be a Squirrel. I made a sketch and selected the accessories. Asiya cut out 2 details according to the pattern and accurately sewed them. Then she has filled the toy with synthetic filling.

I made all the decorative work by means of mixed media, showing to Asiya all the process step by step and made all the explanations, so she would be able to make a similar toy by herself anytime she likes.

This Squirrel has a pleasant to touch nappy surface, she has got a pink bell (that does not ring... it gives her the ability to move with soft silent steps without producing any noise), transparent stars on her ears and a magic stick with light blue feather on it. It makes her look like a clowness and a fairy at the same time.

Take a look at Flat Wolf — our second project with Asiya.

Dubna, Russia