Flat Wolf

beads, cotton, floacked fabric, sequins, synthetic filling, textile markers
22 cm

This primitive wolf was created in collaboration with Asiya Sukhanova, my first student. Actually, this toy was meant as a present for her. I made a sketch and selected  the materials. Asiya cut out 2 details according to the pattern and accurately sewed them. Then she has filled the toy with synthetic filling. So, we got a good base — a dowdy looking gray figure, but all the beauty appears in the process of decoration.

So, I made all the decorative work by means of mixed media.  I showed to Asiya all the process step by step and made all the explanations, so she would be able to make a similar toy by herself anytime she likes.

This wolf has a silver shin, partly because of the fabric's nap and partly because of the textile marker's strokes. With great care I made to the wolf a tender tongue from velvet and shawl of the same shade.

Take a look at Flat Squirrel — our first project with Asiya.

Dubna, Russia