bijoux, marker, paper, synthetic filling, wire, wool
18 cm

This little Fox looks like a needle felted one, but this is a stuffed animal made of wool fabric. He is a real gentleman: he comes to all the rendezvous always in a bright wool scarf (which looks a bit similar to the fox's tail) and with a little yellow paper rose and always right in time.

His secret is that he has got a watch in his heart. Take a look at his chest and you'll see his watch. I constructed it from a metal heart, a flower, two leaves (all these things are used for bijoux design) and a bead. Of course, it is not a real watch with a mechanism — it is only an idea, a symbol of inner sense and the felling of time. One can change the position of the "hour hands" and make them show any time. For example on our pictures the watch shows (approximately) 14:15, 14:30, 18:10, 21:14.

All the parts of bijoux the watch is made from are fastened together with a thread. In order to avoid the twist and ripping up the thread it is better to change the position of "hands" both clockwise and counterclockwise and do not do it too often.

Asheville, North Carolina, USA