Fox with a lollipop

33 cm

At the very beginning I was going to make this fox as a hunter with a bow and arrows dressed in a hat with feather, a waistcoat and a belt, but finally it turned out that he became the Fox with a lollipop.

That's how it has happened. Here in Pisa there is a street market twice a week. Sometimes we go to the market place after the market time is over in order to search for some little things lost by traders (beads, artificial flowers, broken bijouterie, nice labels, ribbons, laces and other unexpected things that can be useful for doll-making). Of course, we can buy most of things like this, but sometimes it is a great pleasure to feel ourselves like treasure searchers and more than that these little things will become a useless litter under the cat wheels and people's feet if nobody takes them.

Once we have found a nice bead of Venetian glass. Combined with a little stick it became a really attractive juicy fruit lollipop. So there was the only thing left — to make a tongue to one side for our fox to finish the figure.

Maebashicity, Japan