Good News

acrylic, beads, cotton, earphone magnet, foil, sequin, textile color, wire, wool
4 cm

First of all I created red needle-felted telephone. Red as the heart, red as the color of love... with wire of blue as the deep blue sky. The ideal present for everyone who is in love and who is waiting for the call.

Just imagine that somebody is going to call you right now: your telephone is still keeping silence, but something is in the air. I tried to find out how I can depict this particular moment by means of doll-making.

So, I decided to create a tiny slender long-legged horse who is in a hurry to the telephone and who is carring a tiny “wire” of the color of the rainbow.

By the way the disc for the telephone is made from the magnet from the earphones. That's why it is going to attract long-awaited calls and news, I'm almost sure about it)))

Good news to you!

Mission Viejo, CA, United States
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