beads, fake fur, knitted fabric, lace, metallic decorations, plastic eyes, synthetic filler, textile marker, wire
18 cm

This is a stuffed artistic toy — female Hedgehog.

She is soft and tender. Its body is made from furry knitted fabric. The fake fur looks like real hedgehog's  prickles.
The toy is sewn by hands, without sewing machine. I painted her face with textile markers. She has got yellow plastic eyes, which are glued to the surface.

Hedgehog has got a tiny little tail. You can see it on the last picture.

I have chosen metallic flowers and a metallic feather, few beads and a lace to decorate her. I would say that this adornment is not refined at all, but it goes well with Hedgehog and that'll do.


Inside there is a wire skeleton, so one can change the position of all the limbs, but do not do it very often to avoid stretching the material.

Now I'll tell you a bit about her life with me)))

I made this toy in the end of May, 2008.

That summer we (my husband and I) went to Russia for 3 months, and after that came back to Italy again. We had to find a new flat for us (because we have left the previous apartment we rented), collect all our stuff that our friends were keeping for us in different parts of Pisa.

All that time I carried this toy carefully packed in my little bag full of my most precious stuff. I always kept this bag with me and took it everywhere in order not to loose anything in all that mess.

Hedgehog was with me all the time. She really supported me and brought composure to the moments we were in a hurry, and we overcame all the difficulties. Hedgehog have seen Russia from the very North to the very South. She has been to Moscow and certainly I took her with me to the Italian Embassy in Moscow.

So, if you need some movement in our life or you plan a lot of trips, I strongly recommend you this Hedgehog as a reliable companion )))


On the 1st of April I sold this Hedgehog.

This is a remarkable event for me, because it was my first deal at Etsy (a great web-space to buy and sell handmade).

All my previous sales were based on my personal contacts with people, and were not made in an Internet shop.

So, I accept congratulations )))

This Hedgehog went to Turin to a great lover of hedgehogs. Before shipping I improved her a little. I made claws on each finger and drawings on her palms and feet, and also I prepared a little card for her (on the one side there is a picture of Hedgehog, the other side is a kind of certificate that she was created by me one-of-a-kind).

Then I made the last photo session as a memory for me.

Here a some pictures. You can see some stages of wrapping and packing the little one.

On the 5th and 6th pictures the Hedgehog says the last "hello"  to her  creator and the first master.


Torino, Italy