Horse Doll

beads, braid, buttons, fabric, knitted fabric, lace, strass, textile marker, varnish, velour, velvet, wire, wool thread
44 cm

This is a fancy vintage-style Horse doll. She looks like a young girl with tender face and sweet attentive eyes. Her blond hair is made out of the pieces of a pure wool thread and seems to be dressed in an African way. Little beads and strass decorate her neck and breast. Her coat is made from knitted fabric with Lurex.


This refined young lady has got an unusual pet — Helix. They like to walk together. Helix climbs slightly from one arm of Horse to another or sits still if necessary. Helix is not fixed on the arm of Horse, so you can take it and place it anywhere (even on the head of her mistress - she looks like an exotic hat there). Also, it has a wired skeleton inside.

On the right arm of Horse there is also a little bracelet. On each hoof you can find a horseshoe. Many people in different countries believe that the horseshoe brings luck to the house. Therefore this doll will bring four times more luck, as she has got four horseshoes ))).

From time to time Horse brings her pet to the very tasty mushroom which Helix likes most of all. I guess that sometimes Horse likes to take a bite from the mushroom herself, for it is impossible for Helix alone to eat such a great part of the mushroom.

The mushroom is sewn by hands (without sewing machine) from different kinds of fabric and colored. The inner part of the mushroom's cup is knitted. It's height is 9.5 cm. A German eurocent coin wired in the base of the mushroom plays the role of its base and ballast.

On the head side of the coin you can see the oak leaves and acorns — a good "environment" for the mushroom. So, this mushroom also brings luck and attracts money (makes them grow like mushrooms after a good rain), I'm almost sure about it ))). Frankly speaking, I have created this mushroom with no connection to the Horse doll, but my inner sense tells me that they make a good combination. The sides of Helix differ from each other. One side is violet knitted (the same is the inner part of the mushroom's cup). The other is made from twisted wool fibres. Inside the body there is a wire skeleton.

The Horse doll cannot stand by herself, she stands if rested against a wall. Inside the doll there is a wire skeleton, so it is possible to change the position of her limbs. However, one should do it carefully and slightly and do not make it too often to avoid stretching the material and breaking the wire. It  is not possible to undress the doll. Her clothes is the essential part of the body. It is not possible to wash the doll. So, it is better not to take it with greasy hands and to keep the Horse doll from becoming dirty in any other way. The contact with water is dangerous for her, it can spoil the face of this doll. Long exposure on direct sun and humid air can cause change of colors of the doll's make-up and of certain materials it was made from.

Horse and Helix live in Moscow, Russia, the Mushroom - in Pisa, Italy.
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