Invisible Wolf

acrylic button, strass, textile marker, thread, wool
19 cm

This is a flat primitive stuffed animal.

This Wolf is really a strange one.

Somewhere he has heard a story that in ancient times some of his ancestors had some mystical abilities, for example, to disappear and stay invisible for some time. Nowadays wolves have already lost the skills like this. They are no more, but ordinary animals. This Wolf (one can see on the pictures) turned out to be a very stubborn guy. He decided that he can find out the way how to become invisible. He kept training for few hours almost every day.

The first results gave him a great inspiration, so he started to think that he has discovered the ancient secret, but after first success his progress has stopped and he could do nothing more than to make the part of his body to become just a little lighter and more transparent.

He was very confused because his progress has stopped, but I suppose that things are not so bad — modern times wolves are different from the ancient ones and sometimes it is no need to discover all the secrets of the past...

I used three different pieces of wool fabric and combined them together to make the wolf look a bit disappearing.

His pink old-style collar is decorated with old-looking mother-of-pearl button.

Richmond, CA, United States
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