Lady She Hare

beads, brade, cotton, flocked fabric, metalic threat, microfiber, nylon, silck threat, synthetic filling, velvet, wool
37 cm
Very rarely I'm able to predict the final image from the very beginning.

Everything started from a pink jacket. Or rather from a thick pink fabric with a grey fluffy nap. Why not to make a jacket of the unusual cut? At first it was meant for a gnome, but it seemed to me that it could be an ideal jacket for a grey nappy hare. When I made up my mind and decided that it would be exactly a hare I thought about a He hare. It turned out that the He hare looked rather silly in such a jacket with a naked belly. As a result the he hare gradually turned into the She hare.

I created for my hare accessories of different shades of white, grey and smoked pink and of different textures which match each other well. Later I made a spotted hunting dog to accompany Lady Hare. I suppose, that Lady Hare and the Dog make up a harmony of soft light and dark grey and pink shades.

Pisa, Italy