fabric, poupon
25 cm

Our fox prefers diamonds of the first water ;) The "jewelry" on the first picture was made by Lisa. Fox got a bouquet of flowers as a birthday present. So big, that it does not fit the second picture.


Mushroom Kingdom

We have got an idea to take these photos because these mushrooms and our Fox-doll are so much alike. More than that, in Russian the name of these mushrooms means "little foxes".
Our fox is happy to find herself in a mushroom kingdom. She put the mushrooms even on her heels, back and tail ;)

This fox-doll has several prototypes:



Soap Opera

I was really impressed by the picture called "The Soap Opera" (you can see it in the section above and also on the screen of the TV set in these pictures). The two foxes, watching TV and drinking tea with cookies are really great. So I decided to create my own fox who likes to spend her free time lying under the little, but very warm plaid watching her favorite soap opera and treating herself to juice with cookies. It seems, that she has stopped eating and is looking very attentively, almost breathless, wondering 'what the two naked foxes lying on the bed are going to make...' Maybe someday if I'm patient enough, you will have a husband of your own, my little fox...


New Year comes soon, and our Fox-doll has got her own New Year's tree. Now she is just thinking whether to decorate the fir-tree with her only one jewelry. I made this fir-tree from the thuya branches which were pruned away by those who take care of the trees in the little park not far from our house. You can take this picture as a Christmas and a New Year card to send it to your relatives and friends.

Creation Stages

I enjoyed the whole process of creating this fox and we played with it during all the time I was making it. For example, she appeared to be Elvis Presley, a beggar and a ballet dancer.

Twisted Fox-doll


The portrait of Fox-doll twisted and "multiplied" using fractal generating option (with the help of GIMP, as far as I remember)

Höör, Sweden