Little Horse

acrylic, beads, cotton, synthetic filling, wire, wool
18 cm

This Little Horse dressed in a coat with delicate collar and in warm tall boots with decorative lacing is still a child.

She is trustfully waiting for something, she is waiting eagerly for something that was promised to her.
She is not able even to imagine yet that not all the wishes come true.

As a  Russian proverb says: it is worth waiting for three years for something that was promised)))

It often happens so, that grown-ups promise something to the child and absolutely forget about it some days later, it is quite naturally for they have too many things to keep in mind and to think about,
but the child is the one who doesn't forget and is waiting and waiting for something that most probably will never come true.

Who knows? may be things are not so bad.

  • The Horse's mane decorated with beads seems to be dressed in the African-style.
  • Her clothes is designed as a part of the figure, it is not possible to undress her.Inside of each limb there is a wire.
  • The Horse is not able to stand by herself, I made the hidden support for her in order to make the impressive pictures.
  • It is better not to wash the doll for it can loose its appearance.
Lincoln, MA, United States
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