Needle Felted Bunny

acrylic lace, beads, nylon net, wool, wool thread
11 cm

This is my first needle felted creation. For a long time I wanted to find a good book on needle felting or to ask somebody who is good in this kind of craft to teach me, but I postponed again and again.

During our trip to Slovenia (about 3 months ago) I have bought a needle and some wool among other goods in the Ljubljana hobby shop. I had a general idea of how to do needle felting after watching a short and simple video, and so I decided to try myself. My first Bunny is not complicated, but still cute, and I'm quite satisfied with the result.

He was ready right before catholic Easter, so he is a real Easter Bunny. That's why he is reading a book "All about eggs" (the full research of the market of coloured eggs). I made a hammock for him in order he can fully enjoy reading his book and the fresh air.


Here you can see a little whimsical vintage-style bag for  this Bunny. It looks a bit like a page of an old story book (if you remember all the tales from such kind of books at the beginning started with a special decorated capital letter). The bag has a knitted lace in order to close it. Also there are two pockets. The little one is for a little book of Bunny and the bigger one is meant  for keeping a label. Inside the bag there is a little drawing showing Bunny's life in the envelope in order to pack it properly. So, the Bunny is fully equipped for the trip to his owner))).

Lizardie Animals, Dolls'n'toys. "White Bunny with Pink Eyes in the Hammock". Italy 2009.
Sunnyvale, CA, United States
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