Old Mouse

beads, Czech bead, knitted fabric, strasses, wire
10 cm

I decided to make this mouse in order to check whether I designed the pattern properly. While I was working on the base of the body, I have found out that the pattern was not really what I expected it to be. So, I left the body lying in the corner and almost forgot about it. Once upon a time I have realized that I expect and demand too much from myself and from my toys. Everything have the right to exist, even though it does not seem to be perfect. I understood that if I devote my time to complete this awkward body, I will get the result anyhow.  I got down to this work again and created the head and the paws, wrapped the silk thread round the wire of the tail. Then I have sewed her the blue peignoir, embroidered in the glittering thread, decorated the flowers with strasses, and put on the Czech bead pendant. That's how this elderly fancy vintage-style mouse appeared. Maybe she also needs a little walking stick, but I am still not sure about it.


Here is the pattern of almost the same mouse. It is suitable for elastic fabric only.

Lipetsk, Russia
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