Pink Bear The Piglet

beads, braid, knitted fabric, microfiber, ribbon, sequins, strass, synthetic filling, velvet, wire
17 cm

This is the first bear in my handmade collection.

Frankly speaking, I do not like traditional teddy bears in general... they are too “traditional” and a bit boring for me.

For the last time my favorite material is natural wool and all the synthetic materials that look naturally (as well as fabrics and decorations of calm and “natural” colours).

This little Bear was like an improvisation for me: I wanted to see what I can do from very bright pink microfiber. She has got only a small patch from wool on the back of her “body-dress”. The colour makes this little bear-doll look like a little pig. I have drawn the “dirty” spots on her face, dress and limbs in the shades of gray and violet, so she became a real Bear the Piglet.

Her nose and ears are coloured with the fresh blackberry juice.

The eyes are made from the combination of sequins and beads.

Inside there is a wire skeleton, so one can change a position of her limbs.

Olen, Belgium
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