bandage, buttons, synthetic filling, wool
25 cm

I made this dog as a birthday present.

One day our friend Oleg invited us to his birthday party, and I decided to create a present for him by myself, though I had too little time for it.

Creating an art doll is a long process and more than that I do not like to work very fast, but for this particular case I decided to do my best to create something cute and special in limited time.

I looked through the list of interests of our friend because I wanted this present to be personal. I found out that one of his favourite films is "The Heart of a Dog" (after the great novel of Russian and Soviet writer Mikhail Bulgakov).

Screen Shots

Here are some screen shots of the movie "The Heart of a Dog" by Vladimir Bortko (Lenfilm, 1988):

k_072_m.jpg k_068_m.jpg 1231150015_ebf2414b59e7.jpg

The pictures were borrowed from here: http://ruskino.ru/mov/638

BTW, the full text of the novel in English is available here: http://www.lib.ru/BULGAKOW/dogheart_engl.txt

I made a little embroidered heart for this dog in order everyone (who have read the book) could recognise the hero, but the bandaged dog's head is quite enough for the identification.

In this novel a famous professor of medicine took a wounded homeless dog for a medical experiment and called him Sharik (one of the most common name for mongrels in Russia). He wanted to put human hypophysis into the dog's brain and also to make a transplantation of sexual glands for his scientific research.

It turned out that this dog became a human being. Nobody expected the result like this. He became a really awful creature, for the dead man the doctor got the transplantation material from was an alcoholic and criminal.

The dog-man had to get the ID. So, he needed a real human name. He transformed his dog's name into the human surname and became Sharikov. He got the idea for his first and patronymic names from the calendar: that day was the day of polygraph (lie detector). He liked this complicated word (which he did not understand) very much, so he decided to call himself Polygraph Polygraphovich.


The emphasized part of this name sounds very similar to our friend's name (olyg and Oleg), that's why I transformed the name of the hero of the book into this stuffed dog's name: Polegraph Polegraphovich.

The dog-man made the life of many people to be a nightmare. The doctor and his assistant decided to correct their mistake and made a new operation in order to turn him into the pretty dog again.

At the end of the film the dog lies with a head in bandages near the professor's feet and thinks what a lucky one he is to live in a good apartment and to be kindly treated... the only bad thing is that his head aches a bit for some reason...

Dubna, Russia
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