Singing Cat

beads, knitted fabric, synthetic filling, textile marker, watercolor pencils, webbing, wire, wool thread
15 cm

This is a very little Singing Cat. Her height is only 15 cm, and more than that, she is very thin. It was not easy to make such a small doll.
Her head and paws are not refined, but I did as much, as possible. As it is a micro doll sewn from the pieces of not very thin fabric, I'm quite satisfied with this result. Combining wool thread, pieces of webbing and beads I made the illusion of a theatre-style (or operetta-style) dress with a scarf. Inside there is a wire skeleton, so one can change the position of her body, paws and tail.
This Cat is not similar to the Cats from Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical, but she also likes to sing everywhere (not only in the theatre) an to express her feelings by songs of her own.

My best University friend is good at singing and also is a great admirer of theatre. Though she graduated and works now as a lawyer, I think she might be a good singer and actress. I can recognise some of her features in this tiny little Singing Cat.

Moscow, Russia
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