The Soul of the Bird

acrylic, beads, button, metallic decoration, strass, synthetic filling, wire, wool
23 cm

It may seem that this is just a bird, but actually it is more than a bird.
This is the Soul of the Bird. She has got a heartwarming "face" and shining cunning eyes. On her cheeks there is a colour. Around her neck there is a necklace with a little "golden" bird.
Her wings are made like a wool cape with a little hood. One can button it up and put it on and off. The button of the cape is transparent blue with gold. The right "wing" of the cape and the loop fastener are decorated with beads.

I do not know exactly what is the story of this bird. May be the bird has already died (have you ever seen dead birds? usually they lie on their back or on their side with their legs tucked up beneath them).

So, may be the real bird is dead, but the soul is alive and is awakening and going to be absolutely free.

Höör, Sweden
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