Very Old-Looking Rabbit

beads, bijoux, braid, fake suede, ribbon, sequins, synthetic filling, textile colours, velvet
44 cm

I was inspired by the idea to create something really old-looking so much, that postponed few projects for a while and made this whimsical monster Rabbit covered by the "dust of ages". The decorations and accessories I have chosen (bijoux, braid, beads, circlets, patches of fake suede) make the effect of bygone luxury.

Whimsical, strange, a bit scary and totally asymmetric creature.  This is not my usual style in doll-making, but I like the experiments when the result is unpredictable and is a kind of surprise for me.

The doll is made from black velvet, coloured by special textile colours of gold, metallic chocolate, brown and two different kinds of green shades. There is no wire skeleton inside, so all the body and limbs are soft, but the Rabbit still can stand on his feet (with the support, of course). The position of the legs is fixed, but the arms can be rotated (they are fixed with the help of the thread and the decorative circlets and beads).

The Wrapper

Rabbit's Bag
Very Old-looking Rabbit in his travel bag
Winsted, CT, United States
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