Wedding Hare

beads, cotton, decorations, knitted fabric, Lurex, microfiber, nylon net, ribbon, silk lace, strass, synthetic filling, wire
50 cm

This stuffed Hare-doll was specially designed  as a "bridesmaid". It was a custom order to create a special wedding gift.

When the doll was ready I still had a feeling of non-satisfaction, I did not like her eyes... though they were not bad at all they lacked something important, to my mind.

I had some time before sending the doll to he customer. I dared to cut off her eyes in order to make new ones. Also I decided not to draw the eye lashes around new eyes. I managed to create curious, open and clear look and finally I felt myself satisfied.

When I finished I was really in a hurry because it was nearly a dead-line to send the hare.

Rapidly I took some photos and ran to the head post office. More than that, it was nearly the sunset and there were only few last sun rays on my balcony. So, all the same I had no chance to make a good photo session that evening. That's why the last pictures of this doll are mainly the pictures of its face from different points of view.

You may see the whole figure and take a closer look at some details on the following pictures (relating to the previous version of the doll), for it is only a face that has been changed. Compare these two faces and you'll find two completely different personalities.

Wedding Hare and "Monti Pisani"
Wedding Hare
Wedding Hare's paws
Grenoble, France
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