Wool Duck

beads, braid, buttons, flocked fabric, knitted fabric, nylon, sequins, synthetic filling, wool thread
19 cm

This bright and tender hippie-style Wool Duck is based on a very simple pattern, but it looks really great and has a strong personality. There is something mysterious in her shining eyes. Her beak is glistening for there are golden spots on it.

The body is made from knitted fabric ("ex-sweater" bought in the stock market in Prato, a town near Florence) and decorated with beads. The inner side of the wings is made from the flocked nappy fabric, and the external side is made from brightly coloured nylon. Under her left wing there is a little blue knitted bag decorated with pompons and buttons. One can put a little surprise for somebody inside the bag.

I'm sure that this Duck can be a symbol of coming Easter, for she can also bring eggs (even better than a traditional Easter bunny). It seems to me that her eggs are as bright as she is.

If you want to use the picture of the Duck as an Easter card for somebody who is dear to you, I have no objections. In this case do not hesitate to contact me, if you want we can give you a picture of this Duck on a white background and without the name of our site on it.

Washington, TX, United States
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