Wool Fox with "Sac de Voyage"

beads, braid, button, fake suede, raw wool, synthetic filling, textile colours, textile markers, wire, wool fabric
33 cm

Repeatedly my inspiration "tells" me to create old-looking and vintage-style animals.

I love this Fox, especially because it was made mainly from fine wool fabric. That's why this fox-doll is very cosy, though looks a bit sad.

This Fox has to move or to go to the long trip.

She is almost ready to leave. She decided to put into her grip bag only the most precious possessions of hers - the plural-coloured hen (the hen is Fox's pet, she gives the Fox fresh "fox-coloured" eggs for breakfast) and the withered gardenia flower.

The Hen is needle felted. The flower is a real one (I have the bush of gardenia growing in the balcony). I took the flower to create a story and the photos.

Roswell, GA, United States
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